New year in good "Shapes" yo!

Hey folks! We are somehow very excited about this 2013 year and we even have a new year present for you. Here you go with our new track Shapes that you can find on CLASHES compilation of our pals at IRM So we wish you a splendid new year and have fun tonight while listening to CLASHES and SHAPES. Peace! FK

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Venetian Snares

Just stumbled upon this track today, Venetian Snares' version of Gloomy Sunday by Billie Holiday. Blasting! The name of the track, "Öngyilkos Vasárnap" means "Suicide Sunday" in Hungarian. So cool name for so cool track. Peace!

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A TiefHaus Xmas to y'all!!

Well well, Even this 2012 year has come to an end now. TiefHaus Records concocted a Xmas and New Year video. We are also on it from snowy Istanbul. And check Hugo's acting skills. Great comedian indeed. Enjoy your end of the year!

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Ready for Clouds/Ashes??

Indie Rock Magazine is a French blog which supports us very dearly since a long time now. And last summer they had this crazy idea of putting together lots and lots of artists in a Clouds/Ashes compilation, they asked us to contribute also, which we did with great pleasure. There are so many good names in this IRM Clouds/Ashes compilation coming up sooo very soon but we can't unveil these, not yet. But Fuji Kureta, meaning us, also have an exclusive track on it. You can read the interview we did with IRM here and you have a very beautiful trailer video below! PS. We really can't wait to share our new song with you. luv. FK

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Eclipse/Blue (Nosaj Thing feat. Kazu Makino)

So it is the apocalypse in 2 days? Well, I just wanted to share with you this brilliantly gorgeous video and song. Nice apocalypse to you all!

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Chill Bump

Just discovered a great hip-hop band from Tours/France and as usual right here I am sharing it with y'all!! This totally DIY band is called Chill Bump and they let you downlad their music for free. Here you have their bandcamp page to download crazy freaking french hiphop with lyrics in English and here you have a track called Pointerlude from their latest EP. Enjoy baby!

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Bons baisers de Paris

Hey! At the end of November we have speent one week in Paris, and we have participated to IRCAM's forum workshop. We have heard the most wonderful sound system, met great guys of contemporary music, seen weird and gorgeous instruments made by these guys... And we have done 2 gigs in Paris, our first ones in France. So all in all we have stocked good vibes to affront this winter 2013. So one quote from Christian Blom, Norvegian composer and the guy who actually built this Al-Khowarizmis Mekaniske Orkester that you see on the picture: "I am not interesting, this instrument is". Check the orkester in action on youtube videos! Doesn't it remind you of E.T.? Yours, FK.

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FUJI KURETA: December 2012