Arto needs a new promoter, so do we :)

Arto Tunçboyacıyan is an armenian musician from Istanbul. here we are sharing with you his greatest song called "I need a new promoter". Respect Arto Jan.

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Bodi Bill. Say What?

One of our favorite bands, are Berlin trio Bodi Bill. They have just put out a great video for their song What? from the latest album.
The colors and the whole ambiance is gorgeous.
Take a look!

Bodi Bill - What? from Sinnbus on Vimeo.

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Lovely Nina

Sharing with you this great performance of Nina Simone, a real legend lady. Enjoy!

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Wonders of Ozlem Akin

Here you go, our dear friend Ozlem Akın has an Etsy shop. Very unique and beautiful accessories. Here you have Audrey Hepburn :)
Check for yourself. I'd like to have them all!
made by ozlem akin by ozlemakin on Etsy:

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FUJI KURETA: September 2011