XX for all the late teenagers in da house!

This band I love.
It's melancholia, pop, a bit of nihilistic sound but still very fresh! They are real splendid songwriters.
Here you have Crystallized performed live.

The xx - "Crystalized" from ELECTRIC TWEED Productions on Vimeo.

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Mogil playing live Litla Prump

Here you have a little peace of modern opera singing... well sort of... with great strings! ENjoY Mogil and their song Litla Prump

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Bodi Bill's new album out on March 18th!!

Splendid Berlin trio Bodi Bill release their third album WHAT? on th 18th of March. They also announce new tour etc...
Check out all these good news on their web page. You can also download for free one track of this album.


Small, Beautifully Moving Parts

One of our songs Bonjour is featured on this American indie movie which will be premiered on March 11th @ Austin SXSW Film Festival!

Enjoy the trailer.

SMALL, BEAUTIFULLY MOVING PARTS trailer from Sacha Pictures on Vimeo.

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Hemi's video for Star Slinger. CHecK!

Our friend Hemi has done this great video for Star Slinger who is becomin, little by little, a real star!!
Pitchfork recently premiered one of of his videos (called: Mornin').
We are very pleased for him & Hemi!

Star Slinger - 1987 from Hemi Behmoaras on Vimeo.

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ZAZ is french and she has a great "voix cassée"

Check this girls and her great performance!

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Who's that girl?

Dress you up with my love! Respect!

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Brazilian Girls interpreting L'INTERPRETE!!

Dear readers, listeners,

Back in 2009 we have been listening to this wonderful song every day. Time to share! By the way you should also check the album version with guitar. Big Love to Didi Gutman & Sabina Sciubba!

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Bertrand Belin

We share with you this week Bertrand Belin. He's very talented, he's French, he's a guitarist, singer-songwriter. His latest album is called HYPERNUIT and it's out since september 2010. Here you see a video where he sings with Pauline Croze (another talented French musician) but you can also check his marvelous song called CARMINA MINHA.

so happy valentine's day, love & peace. Enjoy!

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Little Dragon's Australian tour interview

We'd like to share today something about this wonderful Swedish band, Little Dragon. Here you have an interview made during their latest Australian tour. Enjoy!

Little Dragon from The Grindhouse on Vimeo.

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Savoir Adore

This is Savoir Adore from New York. Playing live their nicest piece We Talk Like Machines. A beautiful sunday song.
Keep good!

Savoir Adore - We Talk Like Machines (live) from Haus + Longhitano on Vimeo.

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Bodi Bill's new track!

First month of 2011 brought a great track by Berlin based electro trio Bodi Bill. Hotel is the name of the track and we are impatient to hear the new album! Actually I must have listened to this song at least a hundred times so far.
Hope you'll enjoy.

Bodi Bill - Hotel by Sinnbus

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Freezing & working

Yes, it is getting colder as we are working on our new EP which will be ready on March (hopefully!).
So to chill, we listen to this beautiful little song by JJ.

yours0158 from Sebastian Järnerot on Vimeo.

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FUJI KURETA: February 2011