New Album See-Through Coming Soon!


Lately we have been busy with Mercedes Video and Photo shoots, and our song Accident is also featured on the latest MB Mixed-Tape "Orchid Blast". Click here to download the mixed tape!

And in a few weeks we will release our new album called See-Through. You can check our official web site for the news about this album.
So stay connected for new songs, videos and photos!!

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Dielectric Sessions Vol. I


This is a new project we have been working on with our pals Onor Bumbum and Fecr-i Ati. We will be performing our music in a nice calm place, KUMBARACI.
Come see us play live this saturday!

Details on the video below:

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Adult Monkey from Istanbul!!!

Adult Monkey is a turkish duo making very nice, electronico-acoustic, experimental pop songs. Since the day I discovered them, I can't help but listening to their "weirdo" songs! Their music is so joyful and real.
I recommend violently!!

You can download some songs for free on their Last.Fm page and if you speak Turkish you can also visit their blog

Wednesdays are best! Enjoy yours.

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Happy to be able to post again!!

Maybe people from other countries don't know; but blogger services were shot down here in Turkey for a week or two. That's why we couldn't post anything...

To celebrate we will invite you to come join us at Bronx Pi Sahne - ISTANBUL on wednesday the 26th!!
We will be playing a set before our dear friend ONOR BUMBUM's concert.

If you are on facebook; click here for the event link.

See you there!!

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The Dø "Dust it Off"

Hear this great tune sang with fishes. Aquarium de Paris.
Good luck to The Dø with the new album!

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Fuji Kureta heart Debussy

Here you see a video made by Sahin Kureta. He's having a lot of fun with openFrameworks & Debussy's music!

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See-Through Album Trailer

Our next album is called See-Through and it will be out at the end of March. Here is a little video where you see us working in the studio. You can also hear an excerpt of new song Credo. Cheers!

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FUJI KURETA: March 2011